Stop It

Kathi Wells Macomber
4 min readMay 19, 2022

I’m probably going to lose a few followers over this, but I have to say it. Stop riding up my bumper. Just stop it.

I can’t claim that on a highway I don’t go over the speed limit. I do, but I would never, ever drive 100 miles an hour up someone’s bumper in the right lane. Or even the middle lane. Or really, any lane. I’m not driving a 100 miles an hour and you can’t make me. I’m so over this whole tailgating thing. Tailgating has just become a way of life for so many people, not only on highways, but also in town.

While complaining to a friend about tailgating, she explained that I shouldn’t be in the left lane in town unless I’m turning left. Cool, so I’m turning left soon, when am I allowed to get in the left lane? A mile before I turn? A half mile? A quarter mile? When I turn on my blinker to get in the left lane to prepare to turn are you going to let me over even though I might slow you down? Huh. What, no answer?

I can be in the far right lane in town, going five miles over the speed limit, and somebody who thinks the speed limit is a suggestion rides up my bumper. (I’m using bumper instead of what I’m really thinking. I like to write without foul language.) I can see them waving their hands (and finger) at me. Nope. I’m going 50 in a 45. I’m in the right lane. I’m good. I’ll give you the one finger salute too when you go around, and when we meet at the stop light, I’ll laugh.

Life is too short to be in such a hurry. I know that sounds contradictory, but I don’t want my life cut short because you like to drive fast. I know I sound old when I say this, but the whole world is in too much of a hurry. So much so, that most people feel that the speed limit is really not a limit at all. I am not going to tell you how fast to drive. I would never try to infringe on your rights to go as fast as you want, unless you are trying to make me do the same.

In case you are not sure what tailgating is, I’m not talking about having drinks before a football game. I was taught, and it is still a rule on many websites about safe driving, that we should drive three Mississippis behind another car. You pick a spot on the road, when the car in front of you passes it, you should be able to count three Mississippis before you get to the same spot. I hear you laughing. I really do. Most of you can’t even get to one. I actually…

Kathi Wells Macomber

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