After teaching in public school for sixteen years, I started full time tutoring. I love teaching and tutoring, but I also love the creativity of writing. As many English teachers do, I have several pieces of novels written, but I find short writing to be quite satisfying.

In 2020, my husband and I sold our house and most of our possessions, bought a motor-home, and started touring the US. We love full-time RV life. I hope that my stories will inspire others to try this lifestyle, and others to avoid it. Let's face it, full time RV life is not for everyone.

In addition, I'm writing by my time as a caregiver for my father. It was such a huge part of my life for so long, I'd like to share some of the things I learned.

I hope you enjoy my stories. I appreciate feedback that will make my writing better.

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Kathi Wells Macomber

We are full time RVing. We hope to see 49 state in the next few years. I am writing about our adventures as well as my time as a caregiver for my father.